A Matter of Time


It’s “A Matter of Time” for . . .

Theo Gilkrensky – a billionaire genius obsessed with warping the very fabric of time and space to save his beautiful rebellious wife from murder.

Yukiko Funakoshi – deceptively deadly female assassin obsessed with revenge against Gilkrensky for the death of her parents.

Minerva – a computer system so advanced that it has a life of its own – that of Maria, Theo’s beloved wife.

Jerry Gibb – perverted computer games king who lusts after Gilkrensky’s “virtual Maria” for his own sick fantasies.


This is the second adventure in the “Virtual Trilogy” which finds Gilkrensky once again following his quest to regain his murdered wife Maria by bending the very fabric of space and time, all the time pursued by the beautiful Yukiko Funakoshi – a master of the martial arts, who holds Theo personally responsible for the death of her parents.

On a mission to the notorious Bermuda Triangle, to investigate continued claims against his Daedalus robot pilot system by the Miami airport authorities, Gilkrensky finds his plane under attack from an experimental stealth missile controlled by Jerry Gibb – a perverted computer games king who Theo is about to put out of business for software piracy.

During the high-speed duel over the Atlantic, Gibb becomes aware of “Maria” –  the lifelike computer programme Gilkrensky has created to ease his pain at his wife’s death and immediately lusts after her as a new playmate for his perverted virtual fantasies.

Meanwhile, Gilkrensky finds himself drawn into the mind-boggling mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, diving to the depths of the ocean to investigate the wreckage of ancient aircraft and coming to the conclusion that forces exist in the Bermuda area that, like those around the Great Pyramid of Cheops, might be harnessed to achieve his goal – the warping of time to re-unite him with Maria before her death.

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