Spindrift Press began life as a resource to educate and inform young people about the Sea following the success of the ‘Captain Cockle’ series of underwater adventure novels for younger readers by John Joyce published by the Irish publisher Poolbeg Press.  Since then, it has developed an imprint in its own right producing fiction and non-fiction for both grown-ups and children.

Spindrift Press is also the ‘home port’ of ‘Black John the Bogus Pirate’ who teaches young people about the Sea through the medium of story and cartoons. Our ambition is to develop this character through a series of ‘FUNderstood’ books to bring a deeper understanding of the importance of caring for the ocean through the medium of story and cartoons.

The first ‘FUNderstood’ book, Black John the Bogus Pirate – Cartoon Workbook of Marine Beasts, was published in 2012.  It has been a great success and has been used by ‘Black John’ himself in cartoon ocean literacy classes for children all over Ireland (see https://www.facebook.com/BlackJohntheBogusPirate).

The second FUNderstood book, a fully illustrated edition of Captain Cockle & the Cormorant will be published in November 2017.

Spindrift Press is a member of the Irish Book Publishers Association.

You can purchase Spindrift Press Books online directly from Spindrift Press at spindriftpress.bigcartel.com , or if you prefer, you can purchase on  Amazon HERE.

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